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Here at the Retrovert you'll find a large collection of vintage graphics that have been carefully restored and applied to new products like t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, greeting cards, postcards, and coffee mugs.

wpa posterIt's a joy to keep these designs alive. Some are breathtaking, especially the bold graphic works of some of the WPA artists, and some are a bit amusing from the vantage of our 21st century seats. The propaganda posters can take on whole new meanings, seventy years later. But we're not here to mock what looks dated and retro today; you need to view this, as you would any survivor, in the context of its time and place.

retro labelThe main page for each department has some information about the origin of the designs, and we hope you'll find that of interest. The amount of retouching varies from one collection to another - with the Modern Mechanix magazine covers being the most heavily restored, and probably the sheet music the least.


n addition to the departments (listed at the left) we invite you to visit our Special Collections, on the right. These are, well, special; usually more heavily edited and remade than the Department art, we've taken some liberties and embellished them, and.... well, you'll see.

And what, you are asking, is a Retrovert, anyway?

We look at it this way. It's possible that you're an introvert. It's possible that you're an extrovert. But if you've stayed on this page this long, we're pretty sure that you're a Retrovert. There's a little place inside you that's looking neither in nor out, but back.

And that's why we think you're here.

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